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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NEWSFLASH --- news as it happens...things change rapidly!

Tonight - ACT Today!'s Executive Director Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson will appear LIVE on NBC Nonstop LA this evening at 7pm tonight..

Nancy will discuss the missing 8-year old autistic Twin Peaks, California boy who wandered away from school yesterday.

She'll also discuss what ACT Today! is doing to help children with autism who wander by way of distributing nearly $40,000 dollars in grants for fencing in the past eight months.

Watch with us today - NBC Nonstop LA - channel:

California Nonstop is available on every major cable system in California. In Los Angeles, the Channel can be seen over-the-air on NBC4 LA’s Digital Channel 4.2 and on the following cable systems:

Time Warner – Channel 225

Cox – Channel 804

Charter – Channel 304

Verizon FIOS – Channel 460

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