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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TWEET to Help Military Children with Autism

ACT Today! is using social media giant Twitter to raise much needed funds for its national Autism Care and Treatment for Military Families (ATMF) campaign which benefits military children with autism. The initiative calls on two teams – Team Naughty and Team Nice – to get as many Twitter followers to spread the word, and make online donations during December 14 through December 30, 2011.
All donations must be made at bit.ly/s3rnQJ.
According to recent figures from The Department of Defense, 1 in every 88 military children has autism. Autism is more prevalent than juvenile diabetes, pediatric cancer and childhood AIDS. Military families who have children with autism are fighting 2 battles -- one for their country, and the one for care and treatment for their children.
“We currently have an autism crisis,” says Andrekka Lanier, ATMF Campaign Director, Marine wife and mother of a child with autism. “ACT Today!’s Tweet2Give campaign will not only draw more awareness to the plight of military children with autism, but also help raise funds for necessary care and treatment these children need to reach their full potential.”
Anyone with access to a computer can participate, by setting up a Twitter account. Then, doing the following steps:

Step 1
Before tweeting please add @Act_Today and @TweetTwoGive to the people you follow on Twitter.

Step 2
Announce to your followers that you have joined the contest and include the link to the ACT Today! for Military Families video at bit.ly/s3rnQJ.
SAMPLE TWEET: Just joined the “Nice Team” to raise $$ for ACT Today! for Military Families. The fundraising contest starts Dec 14 - bit.ly/s3rnQJ

Step 3
During the 2nd week of the contest send your donation request tweet again.

SAMPLE TWEET: The contest for ACT Today! For Military Families starts now. Please give what you can and retweet - bit.ly/s3rnQJ

US Marine Shares Personal Story of Being Deployed While Learning of Son's Autism Diagnosis

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