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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finding Some Zen

Guest Blogger
Nicole Lindstrom

Rushing around is something that is common for people with children. It is even more common for families with children that have special needs/autism. Last week between my drop off at school and on to one of our therapy appointments, I had a moment to escape to yoga.

I am lucky enough to be able to practice yoga once or twice a week due to my husband’s availability at home. Yoga has been something that I viewed as a stress relief but now to me it has become a need and a way of life. During one of these classes, my yoga instructor ended our class with a spritz of lemon grass green tea spray while we were relaxing in our corpse pose. She sprayed this spray as she said to “open the mind and the sense."

While lying there, I recalled the week. It had been very hectic to say the least. My son who has been progressing this school year had picked up some frustrating behaviors boarding on obsessive traits with his schoolwork having to be perfect. Mind you in the beginning of the year he could barely color and recognize the lines now he is coloring perfectly but finding going outside the lines was causing meltdowns in the classroom, thus we had to pick up some more help, behavioral therapy. There was my one step back.

The spray that was spritzed over me while lost in my thoughts and search for peace really did open my mind and senses. It was such a beautiful smell. It made me realize when was the last time I wasn’t so lost in my thoughts and worries that I actually used my senses. Really stopped and “smelled the roses”.
As parents and caregivers to these wonderful children we get so focused on our organized day and our to and fro that we have little time to think about our thoughts and our needs.
When was the last time as a parent you truly listened to the words of a song like you did back in high school when you believed some songs were written just for you? Or watched the beauty of the day despite what is going on in your life? I believe a means of good therapy for parents of autistic children should be a need to find a good escape. A place or time in the day where you can find time for your own inner thoughts to just simply be.

After that class, I cried, I cried for no reason at all except for the pure fact that I smelt something like I did for the first time in years. I took a moment to breathe and to focus on the moment at hand. I actually took a moment for myself to recharge and to know that I am doing the best that I can. By doing so, it allowed me to battle the rest of the week with some renewed energy.
What is your escape?


  1. As I was driving home from yet another therapy. I looked at the sky. I took off my sunglasses and saw the true color. I couldn't believe how long it was since I just looked. It was beautiful. Since that day I have tried to look through my own eyes at least for a moment each day. Not the eyes of my children. I love them all dearly, but I know they see the sky so why shouldn't I.

  2. Nicole LindstromApril 5, 2012 at 7:51 AM

    Love that comment, and so very true. Why not? Best wishes on taking a moment for yourself. I intend to keep doing it, I have to make it a priority.
    Nicole Lindstrom