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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sarah, Running for Autism

I love to run, it’s my release, its keeps me level headed. However, running races are another story, these I do not love. I hated them when I ran track and I hate them now. The anxiety, the expectations and the nervousness take the joy out of my run. For these reasons the past few years I’ve kept my distance from races and have just run on my own.

Then in early 2011 a dear friend, a fellow marine wife and a mommy to an amazing little girl, asked me if I’d be interested in running ACT Today’s Inaugural 5K/10K Race. I immediately said “yes” and surprisingly I never had any second thoughts about running this race.

As I trained and learned more about the organization I actually felt inspired to train harder and seek out some sponsors for the event. Whenever I felt like taking it easy or being lazy on a run I just reminded myself of the difficult fight so many military families dealing with autism face. I thought of what I watch my friends go through and it made me want to work harder, run faster.

On race day I felt the usual nervousness and anxiety, but I didn’t let them take over and ran a great race. This positive experience is entirely the result of running for something (someone) I believe in. I ran for my friend and her daughter that day and

I’m running for them, and the many other friends I’ve made, again this year.

Go Team Kylie!

For more information about the ACT Today! 2nd Annual 5k/10k Run and to register, visit www.acttodayformilitaryfamilies.kintera.org.

Thank you,