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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Guest Blogger: Nicole Lindstrom

This week is teacher appreciation week at my son’s school. A week devoted to giving thanks and showing gratitude to teachers, aides, helpers, and the list goes on. I say the list goes on because there is a team of people along with his teacher that help my son through his day at school. We dedicate this week to these people, and in my realm I cannot fathom a way that is big enough to say “thank you”.

Autism is a very complicated world. It has its good days and it has its bad days. The educators and team that are all on board to help my son really do care and find every means possible to continue to help him grow both academically and socially. They are true miracle workers. So how do you thank these people? How can I win the lotto to give them the well-deserved trip that could possibly show my gratitude?

My family has been blessed with a combination of services that have been provided by our school district as well as services that we seek outside of the school district. This puzzle that we have stratigically placed together to broaden my son’s needs cannot be measured. I cannot figure out a way to say just a simple “thank you” to the occupational therapist that helps with my son’s sensory needs, or the school OT that has gone out of her way in the classroom setting to be inclusive with his schoolmates on teaching them “How their engine runs”. The IBI teachers whom get down to the children’s level to work and play with them while teaching positive social behavior. The teachers and his aide that continue to teach my son while working with his bouts of frustration and deterring him from having a temper tantrum, or the Principal that checks in to make sure that all parts are working together.
These are all of the people that I would love to scream on top of a mountain and yell “THANK YOU!” 
You have helped my son progress, you have helped him to mainstream and you continue to help iron out all the bumps in the road. Your help in the classroom with making him feel like everyone else has eased some of my daily worries and has given me hope.

Separately I have thanked these individuals, I have participated with the rest of my son’s classroom with the teacher’s gift, but I want them to know they have given my family hope. Hope that there will be a better tomorrow for him, and that he is loved and cared for. His future is not a file of paper work but an actual person that will integrate with his peers. All a work in progress but non-the less progress.

What are some of the ways that you as readers have thanked all those have helped in your child’s day? A note, a gift, what are some of the ways you have been creative in giving thanks to these super heroes?

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!