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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Autism Film Camp for Military Children Off to a Rousing Start!

Film Camp for Military Children with Autism Off to a Rousing Start!
The ACT Today! for Military Families Inclusion Films program camp got off to an energetic start today in San Diegowith founder Joey Travolta led the group in some warm up and dancing to get the creative juices going!
Joey Travolta is facilitating the  2 week program with his crew of professional filmmakers who are experienced at teaching individuals with disabilities all elements of the film making process. The experience will not only give participants the opportunity to work with professional film makers, but will promote individual creativity, build self-esteem, and may lead to lasting friendships. This program, in partnership with Cox Communications, is FREE to military children with autism and their siblings. 
We will be bringing you the latest news from the camp as it develops this week!