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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RAGE MODELS will attend ACT Today!’s 7th Annual Denim & Diamonds for Autism fundraiser! Thank you RAGE MODELS – you’re beautiful inside and out!!! For more information about RAGE MODELS, visit www.ragemodels.com.

ACT Today! Founder Dr. Doreen to Speak at ARI Conference this Sunday!

Join ACT Today!’s Founder and President Dr. Doreen this Sunday, October 14, 2012 at the Autism Research Institute Conference in Garden Grove, CA. 

For more information and to register to attend the conference, visit 
About Dr. Doreen:
Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh (www.drdoreentv.com) has dedicated over thirty years to helping individuals with autism lead healthy, productive lives. Dr. Granpeesheh began her studies in autism as an undergraduate at UCLA. While completing her graduate degree there, she worked with Dr. Ivar Lovaas on the world-renowned outcome study published in 1987 which showed a recovery rate of close to 50% among the study’s research participants. She earned a PhD in Psychology from UCLA in 1990. Dr. Granpeesheh is licensed by the Medical Board of California, the Texas, Virginia and Arizona State Boards of Psychologists, and the Dubai Healthcare City. She earned a Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

In 1990 Dr. Granpeesheh founded the Center for Autism & Related Disorders, also known as CARD (www.centerforautism.com). The organization is best known for behavior management and skill acquisition programs that lead to successful outcomes with every child they treat.  This is accomplished through investments in research, staff training and a comprehensive curriculum.  As a result of Dr. Granpeesheh’s leadership and dedication to producing exceptional results, CARD is now a foremost provider of ABA intervention worldwide.  CARD currently provides services, via 18 clinics located in California, Illinois, Virginia, New York, Texas, Arizona, Australia and New Zealand and partnerships in Dubai and Johannesburg. CARD employs over 800 highly skilled employees and is a leading employer of BCBAs.    

CARD is known throughout the world for their work in the field of autism research and treatment. Specific areas of expertise include curriculum development from birth through the early stages of adulthood, diagnosis, developmental and behavioral assessment, higher order skill acquisition, long-term outcomes, and the effects of medical interventions in conjunction with behavioral programs. Dr. Granpeesheh and her CARD colleagues developed an online tool that combines these elements into a program called Skills (www.skillsforautism.com). Available in January 2011, Skills will allow parents, teachers, and providers to accurately assess children and build tailored treatment programs while tracking progress.

Dr. Granpeesheh is a member of numerous Scientific and Advisory Boards including the US Autism and Asperger's Association, the Autism File journal, Autism 360 and the 4-A Healing Foundation.   Dr. Granpeesheh is also an active member of the Autism Human Rights and Discrimination Initiative Steering Committee, on the Practice Board of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and on the Oversight Committee of the Department of Developmental Disabilities for the State of Arizona. In addition, Dr. Granpeesheh currently co-chairs the Early Intervention sub-committee of the North Los Angeles County Taskforce of the Senate Select Committee on Autism and Related Disorders. She is the founding member and President of Autism Care and Treatment Today (ACT Today!), a nonprofit organization that helps families access effective treatment (www.act-today.org).