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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Poem for Moms of Non-verbal Persons

Cyndi Burns is the mom of Alex Burns, an ACT Today! grant recipient. Alex has a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and autism, She sent us this poem for Moms of non-verbal persons on Valentine's Day. It is a testament to the unconditional love of a mother for a child with a disablity. Cyndi, I think you are heroic for being such an amazing mother to Alex.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem!
In Gratitude, Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson

My Heart breaks a little each day,
For the words you try but cannot say.
With PECS there is hope
of communication to be,
... Because your thoughts really
do matter to me.
My Heart breaks a little
each day,
For the words I long to
hear you say.
"I love you mom for showing
me a choice,
"I love you mom for giving
me a voice".
I know mom your heart breaks
each day,
For the words you long
to hear me say.
"I love you mom is what I
would say,
And thank you on this Valentines Day
By Cyndi Burns


  1. Thanks Nancy for posting my poem and pictures of Alex and his big sister that loves him so much. Both of my kids mean the world to me. Andrea is an Angel that helped so much with her little brother. Alex adores her. Thanks again for sharing this poem with other mothers.

    1. Dear Cyndy, we were so happy to share your poem. It is obvious that Andrea has so much love for Alex. As the sister of a Down Syndrome brother, the pictures of her with him touched my heart. As the mother of a son with autism, you inspire me with your dedication to his welfare. Everyone at ACT Today! sends their love and blessings to you and your family! Nancy

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  3. My son is just autistic, but it's severe enough that at 10 years old he still won't use the toilet. Lasts less than a minute on it. We get diapers through medicaid, I wouldn't be able to keep buying them myself. He's non-verbal but he is beginning to repeat words and different words than for instance "go" or "come-on". When we say non-verbal, for us it's like no sentences; and usually no words. Sometimes there is a word or two though. Because of the bathroom issues, and eating with his hands I want my son to have a dual-diagnosis because he was rejected for SSI 2 times. We think that with Down's there may be more help. Thanks for your story, life, and sharing with us.

  4. Michael I wrote an article for a magazine about getting the dual dx in a mag called Exceptional Family. Dr. George Capone at Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore Maryland has done extensive research on the dual dx of Down syndrome and Autism. For potty training try a timer about every hour to get his used to hearing the time and taking him.Reward and record his bm and bowel movements. Unless they missed a diagnosis of Down syndrome when your child was born sorry but I do not think you will get this diagnosis. Here is a link to my article. http://www.lexingtonfamily.com/resources/exceptional-family/