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Friday, January 4, 2013

Stars and Strikes!

By Guest Blogger Nicole Lindstrom

ACT Today!

{Stands for Autism Care and Treatment Today}
This is an amazing national non-profit foundation that
 raises money to provide resources for
families with children on the Autism Spectrum.
I have been lucky enough to share my experience with Autism with their readers.
It has been a wonderful and positive outlet.
Annually, they have a few events
to raise money for their foundation
in order to continue to support those in need of
these resources.
Their big event is around the corner,
and it is supported by a wonderful family that
has experienced Autism first-hand.
Eddie Guardado {Major League All Star Pitcher} and his wife Lisa,
help to support this event, as their daughter has been diagnosed with Autism.
Stars and Strikes
is a family bowl night at a local
bowling alley.
With the help of the Eddie Guardado Foundation and ACT Today!
The event will be filled with A-List guests that are helping
to support families with Autism.
Stars and Strikes takes place on
January 27, 2013
at BowlMor Lanes in Tustin.
What a wonderful excuse for a family night and a way
to support others in need.
For more information
on the event or how you can find out more
about ACT Today!
click here.