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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Silence Your Inner Bully

By Susan Cross
Lifestyle Editor, Shape Magazine
Autism Advocate

As a lifestyle editor, I talk a lot about fulfilling dreams. What I know about the subject I learned first-hand because for years I didn’t pursue any of my own dreams. Whenever I even thought about going for it, no matter what the “it” was, the voice of some unknown heckler would pop into my head with what seemed an endless supply of criticisms.

When I wanted to write a book, the voice said, “You’ve never written anything longer than 10 pages. What makes you think you can write a book?” When I wanted to pursue acting, the voice said, “You think you’re going to land a role over someone who’s trained for years?” When I wanted to try out for a musical at the community theater, the voice said, “You’d better stick to singing in the shower.”

That bully may have taken up permanent residence between my dreams and me if I hadn’t figured out that the bully...was me.