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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Volunteering for Autism

By Guest Blogger, Nicole Lindstrom

Volunteering for Autism,

is great for my soul.

I was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer for

an Autism Foundation

that is near and dear to my family’s heart………

ACT Today! and the Eddie Guardardo Foundation.

The Star’s and Strike’s Event

It brought together,

families affected by Autism as well as numerous

celebrities, sponsors, and volunteers

{I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing parents and therapists}.

The event’s purpose was to raise money for

children living with Autism whom are

in need of care and treatment.

The Star’s and Strike’s event was attended by over

four hundred guests…

a fantastic and positive turn out.

Eddie Guardardo’s youngest daughter was

diagnosed with Autism at a young age.

His family created the idea of bringing together his

friends and baseball connections to help raise

the awareness of Autism.

Athletes from Jered Weaver (Angel’s player) to

Ryan Getzlaf (Anaheim Duck’s) graciously donated

towards the silent auction items, as well as,

signed bowling jersey’s that they wore at the event.

It was humbling to be a witness to this generous atmosphere.

The items auctioned ranged from Baseball tickets to

the purchasing of IPad’s for children whom

are speech delayed due to Autism.

All proceeds benefiting ACT Today!.

I was blessed to take part in the silent auction.

I helped in assisting the winning bidders.

The first and only bidder I helped,

showed the true spirit of philanthropy.

George Moisbarger (Chief Squib)

from the Charitable Foundation:

Squid and Squash,

said he had heard of the event last year

and had the high-mindedness to contribute

anyway he could towards helping

children with Autism.

George felt that if one is able to donate

the time or the money to a charity

they find endearing…. then that

is truly living a life fulfilled.

I don’t know if it was the fact that we

have experienced our ups and downs with

Autism Spectrum Disorder or

George’s kind words, but

I felt leveled by the moment.

I wish that there were more people

on earth like this man.

George and his Squid and Squash Foundation

helped to make it possible for those in need this

past Sunday Night.

All for the hope to cure and help

those with Autism.

I know I have my hopeful reminder…