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Friday, May 24, 2013

Important Legislative Victories!

This just in from Senator Darryl Steinberg's office, our champion for families living with autism in the state of California. Remember to support the legislators below who are helping our families get the treatment and services they need to be safe, happy and productive individuals.
*Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson, * Executive Director* ACT Today!
(Autism Care and Treatment Today!)*
Important Legislative Victories !The Senate Appropriations Committee has just finished its final review of bills that were being held due to projected costs.  Please note that  the following FIVE BILLS were approved and are being referred to the Senate floor:

·      SB 158 (Correa) - Autism services: demonstration program

05/23/2013 Action: Do pass as amended.  (amendments make the bill’s requirements permissive)

·      SB 208 (Lara) - Developmental services: request for proposals

05/23/2013 Action: Do pass as amended (amendments would eliminate need for state regulations and eliminate requirements to vendor request for proposals)

·      SB 367 (Block) Developmental services: regional centers: cultural and linguistic competency

05/23/2013 Action: Do pass as amended (amendment would only require certain  training for board members)

·      SB 468 (Emmerson) Developmental services: statewide Self–Determination Program

05/23/2013 Action: Do pass as amended (amendment would delay deadline for Medicaid waiver application)

·      SB 555 (Correa) Developmental services: regional centers: individual program plans and individualized family service plans

05/23/2013 Action: Do pass as amended (amendments narrow translations to certain activities)

SB 126  (Steinberg) has already been approved by the full Senate and currently awaits a policy hearing in the Assembly.

The following legislation (held in the Appropriations Committee) will become “two-year” bills:

·      SB 163 (Hueso) - Developmental services: health insurance payments

05/23/2013 Action: HELD in committee.

·      SB 319 (Price) - Developmental services: regional centers: data compilation

05/23/2013 Action: HELD in committee.

·      SB 321 (Price) Developmental services: regional centers: performance contracts

05/23/2013 Action: HELD in committee.

Today’s approval of the SIX AUTISM BILLS is an important outcome and reflects Senator Steinberg’s ongoing commitment to some of California’s most vulnerable families.  Furthermore, TWO ADDITIONAL AUTISM BILLS are likely to be approved in the Assembly.