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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Call to Action - California Families ACT Today!

Under California law, when you bring your child to a Regional Center you do not have to pay for co-pays or deductibles

This is due to the Lanterman Act, which ensures that people with developmental disabilities have access to treatment, services and support structures that make it possible to live and function in society.

However, as we informed you last week, since autism insurance reform passed in California, some Regional Centers have started requiring families accessing treatment for their children with private insurance to start paying these fees, unnecessarily financially burdening these families. Now the Governor and Legislature are proposing to make this change permanent through the budget.
In a hearing yesterday, the committee was positive but we need to keep letting them, and the Governor, know what we want and need for our community...SO KEEP THE PRESSURE UP!

Stop this from becoming permanent by taking these 3 simple action steps:

1) CALL SENATOR LENO at 916.651.4011


YES AGAIN - Even if you called them last week.

"I'm calling today to ask (you OR NAME ABOVE) to please KEEP the Lanterman Act  as is.  I OPPOSE the proposal that would place means testing on co-pays and forbid re-imbursement for deductibles.Doing nothing is better than making families pay for IPP/IFSP services, just because they have insurance coverage. Also, I would like
(you/him) to please adopt the Senate version of the state budget that requires Applied Behavior Analysis to be provided in Healthy Families and Medi-Cal."


YES AGAIN - this action item will email new people, including Governor Brown.

In less than 60 seconds, our system will generate an email including all the points you will need to cover. Feel free to add a paragraph about why this is important to your family to personalize the note.


Cut & Paste this to your Facebook page and get THREE of your friends to help!
"California friends - HELP! I just sent in an email with the link below. It took less than a minute.  Please help me ensure that children with autism in California have access to the treatments they need by taking action yourself athttp://bit.ly/18RbPP0Then write DONE so I can thank you!"

HINT: Tag people in the comments below your post to draw their attention to it and ask them to specifically help you do this!

Losing services at a Regional Center or from the transfer of Healthy Families to Medi-Cal can harmfully interfere with the development of children with autism.

Without your action, we cannot prevent this from happening. Help protect people with autism in our community!