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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Puritas Organic Gold and ACT Today! Urge Community to “Drink Up” and Help Increase Autism Awareness

ACT Today! (Autism Care and Treatment Today!) announces today it is now partnering with Puritas Organic Gold, a fulvic-infused organic high alkaline water, in an effort to increase awareness of autism care and treatment. The ACT Today! logo can now be seen on the side of each Puritas Organic Gold bottle. Puritas will also dedicate up to 30% of proceeds to ACT Today! from every bottle of Puritas Organic Gold sold. 
"Puritas Organic Gold is proud to partner with ACT Today!, and support their mission to raise awareness and provide treatment services and support to families to help their children with autism achieve their full potential,” says Puritas brands' project manager Karen Nelson.
“We are truly grateful for Puritas’ generosity and more importantly their compassion,” says ACT Today!’s executive director Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson. 
“With 1 in every 88 children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, it is now more than ever, critical the community unite and help increase autism awareness as well help those in need of care and treatment.”
ACT Today! provides immediate and direct access to services to children with autism whose families cannot afford or access the necessary tools their children need to reach their highest potential. This includes access to social skills programs, tuition for special needs schools, therapy, medical care, assistive technology, basic safety equipment, assistance for military families with children with autism, assistance dogs, among many others.

Puritas Organic Gold, is the outcome of many years of research and discoveries by scientific doctors. It is FDA tested and approved natural high alkaline water, infused with USDA certified organic fulvic acid, has resulted in one of the highest quality beverages currently available in the marketplace.  Puritas Organic Gold offers a smooth and refreshing taste, while containing more than 77 natural and rare elements. The patented fulvic acid blend contains ionic minerals that with their electric charge can help increase oxygen flow and the absorption of minerals into tissues, thereby improving nutrition and total body health. 

For more information about Puritas Organic Gold, visit www.PuritasBeverages.com.